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We have been giving free baby advice for many years, we are a group of content creators that have a passion for providing support to parents of all ages. We want to make the infant raising process as easy as possible. You will find information from the best baby bottles to free info for when your infant is 3-6 weeks old.

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Best Baby Bottles


Whether you’re a first time mom, or have just welcomed your third child, having the most efficient baby bottle to feed your baby with can be essential especially if your child has certain conditions. Here are the best baby bottles currently on the market.

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Standard Bottle for Newborns – These baby bottles are specially designed with a patented venting system to reduce and prevent air bubbles from being gulped down by your infant. The result? Less gas, less time for burping, and the chance of your baby spitting up is lowered. Some mothers are adamant about these bottles being a good candidate for babies with colic. Plus since there’s less air flow your baby can still get the vitamins they need like A, E, and C.

Phillips AVENT BPA Free Natural bottles – These bottles are made with valves that push the air back into the bottle so your infant doesn’t swallow it. They are easy to clean, put together and the nipple is petal shaped at the base that makes it soft and flexible without collapsing during feeding time. Phillips bottles are ideal for babies interchanging between breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

Playtex Baby Drop-In Bottles – When these bottles are used you won’t have to worry about washing them constantly. They come with disposable plastic bags or liners that you fill with whatever formula or milk you choose. As your child drinks the liner collapses and prevents the air from getting into the milk and keeping you from ending up with a gassy baby. When feeding time is over, just dispose of the liner and wash the nipple. Easy.

Tommy Tippee Bottle – These bottles are ideal for newborns being that they imitate your breasts. These bottles have nipples that are made with an extra wide base and come with three nipple choices that are flexible and durable. This bottle is good for babies that are transitioning to a bottle and is easy to clean.

Munchkin Latch Bottle – Like the bottle above, this bottle is also perfect for babies to get used to drinking out of a bottle. The nipple is designed with an accordion like structure that stretches like a breast and lets your baby control the flow as if it were drinking from a real nipple. This bottle is also designed with an anti colic valve to eliminate air pockets.

Life Factory Glass Baby Bottles – If you’re thinking of going plastic free then consider these bottles. They’re a little heavy, but are very resilient. They have a silicone sleeve that helps your baby grip the bottle and are safe for the freezer and boiling water. As your child grows he can keep using the bottle, just replace the nipple with a sippy cap.

These bottles well received and are well liked by all kinds of moms. Before you make your choice consider what would be the best option for your current lifestyle. Whatever bottle you choose may also depend on your baby so it may take some time. Some babies can be picky with what bottle you choose to give them. Be sure to consider these bottles when you next decide to buy a new set.

Tips for Infant Parents that cover 4 development stages


The arrival of a newborn is the joy and happiness of parents and the initial few months can be wonderful for new parents. Apparently from the first day a baby is born, the child starts learning, growing and moreover adapting to the new environment. Within 3 to 6 weeks there are a few things that a parent needs to note in a child:

  • A keen interest to the surrounding.
  • Grasping of objects and examining them.
  • Gazing at moving objects and people.
  • Distinguishing of voices and paying close attention to various sounds.
  • Ability to support and lift the body by use of forearms.
  • Ability to sit and move.

The following are the 4 areas of a baby’s development and tips for infant parents that are beneficial to the child.

1. Language Development

It is imperative to understand that a child requires hearing various sounds that will be influence language development. Infant parents can:

  • Ring a bell, for example at different points to identify the baby’s hearing ability.
  • Call out the child’s name so as to help them know it.
  • Use of songs and reciting nursery rhymes that aid the child identify sounds and moreover voices.

A fact to note is that, even though infants are not able to talk, it doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t understand what one is saying.

2. Intellectual development

The way a child in the future will learn and the mental capability lies in the intellectual development stage. The brain plays the vital role as a processing center and a focal point where the vast network of neurons creates and reinforce learning pathways.

Tips to help Infant parents include:

  • Introducing different safe toys that the child can play with and examine.
  • Apart from touching them, the baby will at times put them in the mouth – do not discourage but ensure they are not harmful.
  • Changing scenery and the environment provides a wealth of experience for the baby.
  • Provide a mirror for the baby to see the face and also facial expressions.

3. Social – Emotional Development

A baby starts developing emotions immediately after birth. The feelings grow as they express positively or negatively their reactions.

Tips for infant parents include:

  • Creating close bonds with the baby – holding, cuddling and not forgetting how to rock them softly.
  • Find the Top Ten Baby Bottles – Having the right bottle for your baby will make feeding time much easier on your child and you.
  • Holding the child when bottle feeding.
  • Tickling and joining them in the laughing moment.
  • Creating a lot of play time with the child.

4. Motor skills development

Motor development in a child is the capability to move physically, and interestingly enough it continues even in the adult stage. Therefore, it is advisable to create ample space for a child to move and play.

Important tips for infant parents in this area are:

  • Laying the baby on the back and showing the child to roll using the stomach or the back.
  • Supporting the child with the use of pillows when in a sitting position.
  • Placing objects in a distance so as to prompt them to reach out to them.
  • Provide toys that will require the child to examine with both hands.
  • Hold the infant in a standing position to allow the feet to support the body.

By implementing the above tips for infant parents, they ensure that the child will develop well. Parents are also able to identify what to do in the relevant areas of the child’s growth.

Important features of baby bottles


While it is true that nothing can compare with a mothers breast as the real milk-feeding vessel for the baby, there are times when a feeding bottle is more appropriate. It is one of the main reasons why baby bottles are still important in the market up to this day. And the makers of these feeding vessels work to continuously improve the quality of their products in order to give babies a near-real feeding experience.

Here are some important features of best baby bottles:

1. Anti-Vacuum Skirt Valve
Best feeding bottles should have a feature that can prevent the bottle from creating a vacuum. This can help to avert the possibility of the baby swallowing air instead of milk. The swallowing of air during feeding cause gas pains.

2. Soft Nipples
Feeding time is one of the most important moments for the baby because it is the time for her to feel the closeness of her mother. The use of a soft artificial nipple that can mimic the performance of the real one can help to make the baby feel that she is feeding from her mother. The feeling can make her really comfortable. Another important point to consider in choosing nipples is their durability and being odorless. Nipples that break easily can trigger accidents that might choke the baby. They should also have the property not to take up unfamiliar scents because this can cause the baby to lose appetite.

3. Easy to Clean
The cleaning process is one of the most common issues many mothers face with baby milk bottles. These feeding vessels need to be cleaned thoroughly to protect the baby from bacteria that can cause diseases and infections. Some parents even choose baby bottle sterilizers to further ensure safety.

Babies are so fragile and they can easily catch diseases because their immune systems are not yet fully developed. Baby bottles that are washable manually or with the use of a dishwasher are the ones recommended by pediatricians. Clean bottles can help to keep the baby safe from infections.